Kitchen & bathroom cleaning special

Even if you’re a pretty tidy person, the kitchen and bathroom always need help. Would it be worth $50 a month to have somebody scrub and shine your kitchen and bath while you’re at work? Hell yeah it would! That’s why I put together this cleaning package.

Here’s what’s included every month ($50, one kitchen/one bathroom):
Wash all surfaces – cabinets, counters, outside of appliances
Wash removable stove knobs, filters and grates in sink
Clean microwave inside and out, wash tray in sink
Wipe down small appliances
Scrub down sinks, tubs, toilets and showers
Shine mirrors
Spot clean walls and woodwork
Sweep and mop floors

With six month purchase ($300, one bathroom):
All of the above plus a one-time oven cleaning

With twelve month purchase ($600, one bathroom):
All of the above, including the oven cleaning, plus a refrigerator deep clean

Extra bathrooms are $15, $10 for half baths. Get in touch with the form below and make 2017 the year you stop scrubbing tubs.